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Risa Sato: Spaceship ‘Kari-nui’
In partnership with ZOU-NO-HANA Terrace, Japanese artist Risa Sato presented ‘Kari-nui’ at West Space in Melbourne in May-June 2013. The back gallery of West Space was used as a working studio space for Risa, and displayed research and background material including drawings, paintings, and sculptures relating to the concept of building an inflatable spaceship in Melbourne.
Risa undertook a two-and-a-half week residency in Melbourne, and during this time, along with a team of West Space volunteers led by project intern Rosina Prestia, took her constructed inflatable spaceship out into the public realm. Appearing in different public locations across Melbourne, the spaceship was an abstract shape in the urban environment. With its large size and oval shape, it punctured the grid of the city’s architecture with its softness and temporality. Sometimes it was only set up for ten minutes, other times for two hours. It was a great project to be involved with and gave West Space the opportunity to expand out into the public realm.
Prior to Risa arriving in Melbourne in May, Rosina and I scoped out many public and private locations. We wanted to situate the spaceship in a range of locations across the city that were unique to Melbourne and to try and capture the essence of our city. We also had to keep in mind practical matters such as how to source electricity to inflate the spaceship and whether or not we needed council permits to set this “temporary structure'” up in a public space. Also the sheer size of the object placed some limitations on certain locations.
Melbourne’s iconic laneways with their brightly painted street art and hidden bars and cafes were an obvious choice. One of the most unique locations we visited was a rooftop bar, which had amazing views out across the city. Risa also had two small excursions out of the city, one to the beach and the other inland to a farm to situate the spaceship within a very traditional Australian landscape. We visited two art schools, Monash University and the Victorian College of the Arts, and the students were able to interact with the spaceship and discuss Risa’s ideas about this project. It was great to see the students spending time inside the spaceship and the different perspective this gave them.
The spaceship connected Yokohama and Melbourne by bringing together a shared experience. The spaceship, designed and constructed in Yokohama, landed in Mel-bourne and allowed cross-cultural engage-ment through discussions about the project and shared ideas related to the artwork. West Space was excited to be able to work in partnership with ZOU-NO-HANA Terrace on this iteration of the ongoing PORT JOURNEYS project and to present Risa’s work in Melbourne.
As the director of West Space, it was re-freshing to have the opportunity to work with an international artist like Risa Sato, and to take time out of my busy schedule to share my city. I really enjoyed spending time with Risa and exploring Melbourne together and discussing our different backgrounds. Seeing the “spaceship” land in Melbourne day after day was really exciting and it led to many conversations with strangers on the street. I liked that the spaceship was an unusual object, but familiar enough for people to want to engage with it and understand its purpose. That Risa was able to engage with such a diverse range of people within the city of Melbourne was the project’s real success.

Danny Lacy
Director of West Space

Shutting Myself Up Outside
Somehow for more than ten years, I’ve taken my work outside and photographed it, and created other works as outdoor installations.
When someone asks me why I like to do things outside, I still can’t quite find the words to explain.
In the outside world, everything seems to be connected and complete. There is weather, fresh air, nature, and people, and all sorts of emotions are whirling around. I have no ambition to change or try to overturn these things; I just want to dive into the whirlpool. It might be that after jumping in, I’m hoping to be carried away in the current.
I assume that no one will notice if my work gets broken while I’m making it, and I’m mentally prepared for whatever happens. Which is to say that while continually fantasizing that I might be defeated for the last ten years, I’ve managed to keep making my work. Whether what I’m doing is art or not is for someone else to decide. I’ll keep going outside regardless, without any cares at all. Seeing my work come face to face with the outside world is like a momentary dream for me.
Spaceship ‘Kari-nui’ is scheduled to be shot in Yokohama. If you see me outside shooting, please say hello, but in a voice that doesn’t quite carry. Just say, “She still hasn’t been defeated yet.”


Duration: 2013/5/17 FRI–6/8 SAT
Work in Progress: 5/13 MON–5/30 THU
Venue: West Space
Organized by West Space
In association with ZOU-NO-HANA Terrace
Project Curator: Zara Stanhope (Independent Curator) & Danny Lacy (Director of West Space)
Coordinator: Utako Shindo (Artist)
Project Intern: Rosina Prestia


    Date: 2013/5/17FRI 10:00–12:00
    Venue: West Space
    Speakers: Tsutomu Okada (Art Director of ZOU-NO-HANA Terrace),
    Yoshie Ota (Curator of Spiral)
    Date and location:
    5/15 North Melbourne
    5/17 TCB Art Inc.
    5/20 Behind the Flinders Street Station
    5/21 Faculty of Victorian College of the Arts (The University of Melbourne), Royal Botanic Gardens
    5/22 The Blender Studios, The ground nearby Royal Park
    5/23 Monash University (Caulfield campus)
    5/25 BUS Projects
    5/26 Cookie/roof top bar
    5/27 Dromana beach
    5/29 The farm nearby Maldon

Duration: 2013/8/9 FRI–9/4 WED
Venue: ZOU-NO-HANA Terrace
Organized by ZOU-NO-HANA Terrace
In cooperation with West Space,
Planned and Produced by Spiral / Wacoal Art Center

Melbourne Staff Directory
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Program Curator: Kelly Fliedner
Gallery Manager: Christina Apostolidis
Project Coordinator: Rowan McNaught
Special Projects Intern: Rosina Prestia
Media & Marketing Intern: Tamsen Hopkinson
International Visitors Program Intern: Laura Couttie
Curator/Director: Zara StanhopeORGANIZED BY West Space
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