Torsten Bruch (b. 1973) is a visual and acting artist born in Hannover, Germany. He is now living in Hamburg.

The starting point of Bruch is the search for the other within the self by different strategies of role play. Meeting the self by addition is a central motive in his multi-tired, transmedial art work that uses (interactive) installations, sculptures, films, body art and performance.

He is currently doing a lot of research about fermentation. Fermentation means altering foods by the help of bacteria or fungus such as yoghurt, f.ex..

His current interest about fermented food arised when he ate Kimshi during a one month residency in Busan, South Korea in November 2015. When he returned from Korea he wanted to eat fresh Kimchi in Hamburg but could not find a good quality. He started a recipe research and found out that he already had been interested in food fermentation for several years by baking bread, eating pickles, sauerkraut, tofu and using soy sauce. Since then he is testing different recipes and foods as well as making sauerkraut, kimchi and his own beer.