Prue Crome

Crome’s art focuses on the phenomenological interrelationship of the viewer to the objects and space around them. Her immersive installations use light and colour as transformative tools to emphasize specific universal events that exist in the everyday such as the phenomena of reflections, light rays, wind ripples, the interconnecting movement and energy that surround us and modulate every moment. She references these constantly changing energies through a process of action and intervention within space and time and uses the dynamism of light to render the singular. Her works encompass sitespecific interventions, projections inserting one sites space and time onto another, photographic documentation of transformations, and large scale paintings investigating notions of solidity and transience. The philosophical premise of Crome’s practice is embodied in this quote from The Creative Mind by Henri Bergson; “The matter and life which fill the world are equally within us; the forces which work in all things we feel within ourselves; whatever may be the inner essence of what is and what is done, we are of that essence.”