Open Call 7 Seeds Exhibition in Yokohama JP

7 Seeds Yokohama is the first stage of a series of projects on critical sustainability around the globe. Artists from different countries converse with each other and young generations through artworks and designs. In the works, we seek critical reflections on how we can plant the future. The selected works will be printed and presented at an exhibition at Zou No Hana Terrace in Yokohama, Japan. 7 Seeds is created by the Hamburg-based artist and curator Michael Kress and Zou No Hana Terrace and Portjourneys, a worldwide network of art spaces in harbor cities.

Who can participate?

Zou No Hana Terrace and the Portjourneys Network invite artists worldwide to submit their approaches to designing change and planting the future, literally and metaphorically.
We look for participators of the same professional artist, amateurs, pupils, or students.

What kind of artwork?

The exhibition shows how artists worldwide critically address and deal with sustainability in their work, showing various perspectives from their personal, cultural, and artistic backgrounds.

The questions are:

How can artists formulate plans for a sustainable future?
How do we start now by planting seeds as ideas for tomorrow?
How is sustainability part of each one own creative practice?

Artworks can be paintings, drawings, illustrations, photographs, collages, texts, posters, or calligraphy in digital form in A4 or A3 format.

An international jury selects a limited number of works. The contributions will be printed on paper in Japan. The exhibition presents the final selection on the ‘Big Wall of 7 Seeds’.
Since we want to show as many perspectives as possible and the space is limited, we will also present works in a slideshow loop on screens.

Important notes and facts

  • Format: A4 (210 x 297 mm) or A3 (297 x 420 mm), portrait or landscape mode.
  • Please check the resolution quality; we prefer 300 dpi to the final size.
  • Only send in PDF, JPG, or PNG files
  • A file size should not be bigger than 7 MB.
  • Each participant can only hand in one artwork.

Please fill in:

    *required and displayed at the exhibition