Date: February 7, 2021 (Sun) 14:00-17:00 (Japan Time)
Venue: Online Zoom Webinar
Admission: Free of charge / Japanese & English simultaneous translation available
Organizer: Zou-no-hana Terrace
Planned and Produced by: Spiral/Wacoal Art Center

Zou-no-hana Terrace initiated “PORT JOURNEYS” to build sustainable relations upon an axis of cross-cultural exchange, through the collaboration of world port municipalities engaged in creative community development. Since the project started in 2011, it has gradually expanded and developed its objective to an extended interpretation of the cultural exchange.

While focusing on exchanging artists between the port cities, an online Directors Meeting will be held aiming to discuss the same issue which the cities share. Since 2014, one of the member cities hosts an annual Directors Meeting. For the sixth edition, Yokohama will be host, however, due to the COVID19 pandemic outbreak, members will get together online.


The theme of the meeting is “International Exchange in the Era of Pandemics”. We will share the latest situation about the movements that are happening in each city while the limitation of mobility is spread all over the world. Through the presentations of partner cities, we will discuss the significance and means of international exchange in the future.

Further, a new project “weTrees” will be introduced, in which members of the work together aiming to contribute to urban development. This project had been planning before the outbreak of COVID19 focusing at a stage around the shopping street “Onomachi-dori Kyoeikai” in Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama.
Japanese and English simultaneous translation is available.

Time Table – February 7 (Sun)
Start 14:00-17:00

Ms Yukiko Gondo, Executive Director of Culture, Art and Creative City Promotion Department, Culture and Tourism Bureau, City of Yokohama
Mr Tsutomu Okada, Art Director, Zou-no-hana Terrace

14:00 – Part I Presentation by partner cities
Speakers may change
USA/Athens – James Enos, The University of Georgia, Assistant Professor of Art, Chair Studio Art CoreStephen Ramos, The University of Georgia, Professor of ArtChina/Shanghai – Evelyn Wang, Art DirectorKorea/Busan – Jung Myeon TOTATOGA, Art DirectorFinland/Helsinki – Iina Koski FORUM BOX, Executive DirectorGermany/Hamburg – Michael Kress, Hyper Cultural Passengers
Netherlands/Groningen – Jan Derk Diekema, HaVik/CareX, Director

Break 10 min.

15:00 Part II Announcement of the “weTrees Tsurumi” Project
Introduction/Presentation by the artists, so+ba Alex Sonderegger, Mana Saito,
Michael Kress

15:40 Part III Discussion
Keynote speech by Professor Clélia Zernik, Paris, École des Beaux-Arts

Discussion Panelists: James Enos, Stephen Ramos, Evelyn Wang,
Jung Myeon, Michael Kress, Chrisdian Wittenburg, Torsten Bruch,
Jan Derk Diekma, so+ba, Mana Saito, Clélia Zernik, WERC, Rintaro Hara, Marc Duncan, Tsutomu Okada, Yoshie Ota

The session will be provided as an online live webinar available by Zoom.
You may join in the discussion via chat.
Zoom Webinar URL for participants

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